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Dan Bilzerian Warrant Issued in Azerbaijan

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Dan Bilzerian, the King of Instagram, has recently had a warrant for his arrest issued in Azerbaijan. Bilzerian is known for his love of firearms, and attractive women. He recently posted pictures firing an RPG in Armenia, which has lead to authorities in neighboring Azerbaijan to issue a warrant for his arrest.


Dan Bilzerian firing heavy weaponry in Armenia

Dan Bilzerian shared pictures of himself firing heavy weapons in Armenia. This lead to the authorities in neighboring Azerbaijan to issue a warrant for his arrest.


Bilzerian Seen Firing Heavy Weaponry

Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. On its borders are Iran, Armenia, Georgia, and Russia. Authorities have now issued an arrest warrant for Bilzerian. According to reports, Bilzerian was visiting Armenia to obtain his citizenship. Soon after he was granted his citizenship, he apparently travelled the region known as Nagorno-Karabakh, where he purchased numerous weapons. He was later seen firing these weapons back in Armenia to celebrate.

Nagorno-Karabakh is a disputed region, but it is generally recognized to be part of Azerbaijan. He shared pictures of himself firing a heavy machine gun and an RPG rocket launcher. The images were captioned “First Day as Armenian Citizen.” Armenia and Azerbaijan have no diplomatic relations, due to previous conflicts and the dispute over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Azerbaijan has requested Interpol to arrest Bilzerian, while Armenia has requested they dismiss the request, as it is politically motivated and nothing else.

Bilzerian Bad Boy

Bilzerian has a huge following on social media. He inherited a vast amount of money from his father, although the exact figure is unknown. He is also a high-stakes poker player and claims to have won millions while playing. However, his only official win came from the 2009 WSOP, where he finished 180th and won $36 626. The database that tracks poker wins only counts official tournaments though, and not cash games.

He is no stranger to being in the news for the wrong reasons In 2014 he was sued after throwing a porn actress off a balcony into a swimming pool. The following year he was forced to make a PSA video for the US Bureau of Land Management, as part of a plea bargain, after he was found with bomb-making equipment at Los Angeles airport.