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Biloxi Developers Attempt to Build a Casino at Tivoli Hotel

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Biloxi Developers have pitched a $400 million casino with a conference center included. This proposal comes twelve years after the first $1 billion casino proposal was put forward. The developers posted on their website that they are planning to request site approval for the Tivoli Hotel site which is 30-acres in size. In the period between 2005 and 2006, the property was bought for $40 million.

The casino resort that the Biloxi Developers are planning on building will be 100,00 square feet. There will be 2,000 slot machines, 75 table games as well as a conference venue that is the same size as the casino space. The executive director of the Mississippi Gaming Commission, Allen Godfrey, told the media that the Biloxi Developers submitted a notice of their intention. He further said that they would have to submit an application for site approval. In 2007 Biloxi Capital attempted to develop a casino at the Tivoli Hotel. However, the project was not submitted for site approval.

Biloxi Developers Propose Casino Construction

A Viability Study Commissioned by Biloxi Developers

In December 2018, BBR Biloxi Developers funded a study that was aimed at determining if a convention center in East Biloxi would be beneficial for the area. The research that was conducted by the Conventions, Sports & Leisure International, found that the convention center would add 70 000 room nights. The report also suggested that the convention centre be constructed on Oak Street.

BBR Biloxi was prepared to invest $250,00 towards the viability research. Then, if the report was positive, the plan was to move forward with the $150 million convention center, which was described as world-class.

Biloxi Mayor Weighs in on the Casino Proposal

The mayor of Biloxi, Andrew Gilich, also shared his views on the development of a casino and convention center in East Biloxi. He stated that the proposed site is located in the East Biloxi Waterfront, and that is the site primed by the city for development. However, the ultimate approval decision lies with the Mississippi Gaming Commission.

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