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Bagel Boss Vs Lenny Dykstra Odds Shorten at Top Sportsbooks Ahead of Fight

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US online sportsbooks seem to think that Bagel Boss Chris Morgan may stand a better chance of beating former MLB star Lenny Dykstra in their upcoming fight at the Showboat in Atlantic City. Sportsbooks, such as Bovada, have shortened the odds on the Bagel Boss. This means that bettors will now earn less when betting on him should he win the fight.

Sportsbooks has originally opened up betting lines with Dykstra. It is set as a heavy favorite to win (which is unsurprising given his athletic background and overall size advantage). On the other hand, bettors were set to win hundreds of dollars by betting on Morgan. However, now that the odds have basically been halved, those that bet on Morgan won’t win as much.


Many bettors are even surprised that the “celebrity” fight will actually be taking place. It comes months after rumors of an upcoming fight between Morgan and another controversial YouTube star “Bed Intruder” Antoine Dodson. Fans who are interested in watching the fight can expect to pay $56.75 to gain entrance into the Showboat.

Bagel Boss Background

Chris Morgan, known as Bagel Boss, rose to attention after a video of him losing his temper in a bagel store in Long Island, New York in July 2019 went viral. Morgan claimed that the people in the bagel store mocked his short stature (he supposedly stands at 4ft11). He then decided to act against the “bullies”.

Commenting on the video, Morgan has since compared himself to Martin Luther King Jr. He says that he is a “modern day prophet” and “peace advocate”. It is very clear that Morgan, who lives in his red minivan, is simply trying to build on his two-minutes of fame. He has started YouTube channel and a Cameo profile.

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