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Closed Atlantic Club Casino Falling Apart

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The Atlantic Club Casino, which closed its doors four years ago, is apparently beginning to fall apart. The building is beginning to show signs of age, which is not being helped by the lack of maintenance. Reports have come out indicating that the building is falling apart and dropping debris onto Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City.

Atlantic Club Casino Falling Apart

New reports have indicated that the Atlantic Club Casino is continuing to fall apart. The reports have said that pieces of the exterior have started falling off the building.

Atlantic Club Casino Slowly Falling Apart

On the 13th of January 2014, the Atlantic Club Casino officially closed its doors. Since then, the building has sat empty and unused. After four years without maintenance, the age of the building is starting to show, and the exterior is beginning to crumble. This is dropping rubble onto the road. This is not the first time it has been noted that the Atlantic Club building was coming apart. In September 2017 the ceiling of its porte-cochere collapsed.

An official from the Atlantic City Office of Licensing and inspection has confirmed that the city is aware of the issues with the building. They also confirmed that the owners of the Atlantic Club Casino have been informed and they will be looking into the matter. A real estate firm from Florida, TJM Properties, that specializes in senior living facilities and hotels, purchased the casino from Caesars Entertainment for $13.5 million.

Atlantic Club Casino Owners Not Casino Operators

The Atlantic Club is not the only Atlantic City property that TJM purchased. They also bought the 500-room Claridge Hotel from Caesars that same year. They renovated that property but haven’t done anything with the casino. The reason is that TJM isn’t a casino operator, making them unwilling to invest money into reopening.

There have been reports about new owners in the past, including one that suggested the Atlantic Club could be turned into a family entertainment center with a waterpark. That fell through, and besides a few whispers of other potential buyers, nothing concrete has emerged. Time will tell if another buyer comes forward for the property.