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Are Casino Card Games Rigged?

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The short and simple answer to this would be no. But, in saying that, we would disregard the fact that we can rig card games, and many players have done so even if they would not admit it. For casinos, cheating in card games or “rigging” the game isn’t too far-fetched either. But, for the sake of their reputation, very few casinos would even dare to rig a card game. The consequences of getting caught are far too big to risk.

What Are Card Games

Before we further uncover whether casino card games are rigged or not, let’s first identify the card games found at casinos today. These are easy to identify because they are popular and played by many people all around the world. Card games are also one of the longest existing casino games, which makes it rich in history. Some card games you might have come across at casinos include:

  • Blackjack
  • Casino Wars
  • Poker
  • Rummy

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Card Game Cheat Methods

We’ve mentioned previously that card games can be rigged and there are a number of ways to do so. Card counting is a popular method used in blackjack, for example. It’s even easier to do when playing card games online. Based on the number of decks used, and the cards you’ve already received, you can attempt to make a mental calculation of how many cards it leaves in the deck and what those cards are.

Remember that each deck of cards contains four variations of the same card. E.g. A King of spades, flowers, diamonds, and hearts. Similarly, numbered cards have four of each, namely 5 of spades, hearts, diamonds, and flowers.


Another cheat technique is hiding cards under your sleeve or secretly removing them from the table with no one seeing them. This is more difficult to do at a land-based casino because there are cameras everywhere and even impossible to do online because everything is in digital form, you cannot fiddle with software.

A more obvious card game rigging method is to put fewer or lesser cards in the deck, but advanced players would pick that up immediately.


We suppose the fact of the matter is, yes, card games can be rigged in the ways we’ve mentioned above. But, it’s not a good idea to do so. We would rather advise you to play at a trusted and safe online casino where things like cheating are prevented at all costs. If you play at a rogue casino, you might get cheated – anything is possible at rogue casinos.

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